Qvid Non Solutions
Data-Driven Web Site Designs
  • MySQL Databases creating dynamic html;
  • Data driven displays, through static and animated gif or png images
    and Shockwave/Flash movies;
  • Form-based data submission and validation.
  • Simple geographic map creation
Other services
  • Web, Database and FTP servers
  • Linux Systems Administration
  • Intrusion and Performance Monitoring
  • Networking Hardware and Infrastructure
  • Data Acquisition and Control Systems
  • CGI programs written in ANSI C, PHP and/or shell scripts;
  • Security arrangements through Web server authentication and additional programmed mechanisms within the GCI code;
  • HTML scripting using MySQL to query and update databases;
  • image file creation with custom modifications of Boutell's gd library;
  • decorations and static imagery created with a variety of tools including Photoshop, Illustrator, and other drawing programs using Macintosh platforms.
Email: Feedback at qvidnon dot ca

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